Our Story

Weis Manufacturing began as the culmination of our shared interests since childhood. Rob used to make choppers out of plumbing pipe in his parents garage, while I modified skateboards to go faster. Years later we met in college while studying industrial design. We both gravitated towards physical product development and started a collaboration which continues to this day. Weis Manufacturing is a method of translating our passions for engineering, art, design and craftsmanship into something that we could build together.

Our common love for bicycles and handmade manufacturing have continued to be the soul of Weis and what the brand has come to stand for.


Our Mission


We put 100% of our effort into creating the best bicycles possible. With our cutting-edge designs and precision manufacturing process, combined with our broad use of digital fabrication and handmade methods, our focus is on improving an already great machine.

But before anything else, it’s all about the ride. We work to support a  growing community of cyclists by creating machines that give the joy of going fast and getting rad. Whether its racing, commuting or weekend riding, we know how good it feels to go fast and feel confident on your bike. We provide products that improve the experience of cycling and that look as good as they function.


Our Process

We pride ourselves on our process. Each frame is designed, prototyped and manufactured all under one roof in Brooklyn, NY.

From raw material to a finished frame, each step of our process is visible in the end result. You won’t find us carving lugs or filing fillets.  We make a purpose built, TIG welded bicycle whose form follows function. By creating well considered systems for efficient fabrication we are able to produce high quality and precise bicycles while keeping the cost manageable.

Each frame goes through a complex system of measurement, machining, welding, alignment and quality control before it leaves our facility. We cut no corners when it comes to the creation of our machines and we stand behind every one.